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Forage Harvesting


Maximising silage quality is key to any farmers bottom line. N P Davies can provide a complete or part operation for grass, wholecrop and maize silage conservation. N P Davies prides itself on offering every customer the best possible precision chopped forage. By having better quality silage, additional feed and concentrates could be reduced. The silage made in just a few days could feed cows for a usual six month winter or more. For maximum profitability within this time cow intakes need to be improved and this would only be possible with highly palatable feed.


High capacity and efficient machinery is used to ensure that all work can be covered even on poor seasons with weather restraints.


Forage haulage is carried out with large capacity trailers with low ground pressure tyres, this is to ensure that compaction in the field is kept to a minimum.


Buckraking is carried out with 200 – 300hp tractors weighted up to approximately 13 tonne to ensure forage is compacted quickly and effectively. By using a correctly weighted buckrake tractor, the greatest compaction is achieved. This machine cannot be compared to smaller tractor which will not achieve a high enough compaction and will reduce feed quality.


N P Davies can apply a range of different additives including ultra low volume products. Additive can also be supplied on request.


A range of chop lengths can be specified and discussed prior to foraging.



N P Davies high capacity 30 foot triple mowers are powered by high horse power reverse drive tractors. Grass can be turned by 30 and 40 foot models depending on the dry matter required by the customer. Grass is raked with 30 and 50 foot rakes depending on ground conditions and density of crop. Grass chop length is critical, by precision chopping, the grass can be compacted more efficiently creating a highly palatable feed.



Wholecrop is a starch based, high dry matter and energy feed and can be fed to a range of animals. N P Davies use a direct cut header to forage all wholecrop, this is to ensure no contamination or loss of grain. A wholecrop processor is used with specialist wholecrop rollers which run at fine tolerances to make sure all grain is split. This is key to making a quality feed and can not be compared to foraging without a crop processor.



N P Davies specialises in maize foraging, key areas during the professional service include harvesting at the right dry matter, achieving a correct chop length, cracking the grain and correctly consolidating the clamp. The Kernal processor used in the forager was imported especially to achieve a superior grain shatter.